Silver State Energy Association


Project Services Agreement No. 3: Power Supply Management Services Agreement

Project Services Agreement No. 3

Project Members
City Of Boulder City
Overton Power District No. 5
Lincoln County Power District No. 1
Southern Nevada Water Authority

This Project was approved by the SSEA Board on November 10, 2009

The Project Participants may request the SSEA provide various power supply management services in connection with the operation, scheduling, hedging or optimization of a Project Member's resources or in furtherance of meeting the power supply needs of a Project Member. Initially there will be two service schedules offered: 1) Load Requirements Service, which includes full commodity management; and 2) Power Purchase and Sale Service, which enables the Project Participant to buy and sell specifically requested products from the SSEA.

The project term is from November 10, 2009 to termination of Cooperative Agreement