Silver State Energy Association


Project Service Agreement No. 1: Joint Generation Resource Planning and Evaluation

Project service Agreement No. 1

Project Members
City Of Boulder City
Overton Power District No. 5
Lincoln County Power District No. 1
Southern Nevada Water Authority

This Project was approved by the SSEA Board on November 7, 2007

The Project involves the joint exploration, research, investigation, review, evaluation, and feasibility of implementing, operating, and maintaining electric generation projects and such other projects, whether physical or financial, that may be designed to meet the future power needs of the Project Members. The Project Members specifically contemplate investigation of all types of interests in such projects, whether through complete or partial ownership, power purchase agreement, exchanges, prepayments, or other means. The Project Members further contemplate investigation of demand side management technologies.

The Project consists of three phases. During Phase 1, existing technologies will be examined on the basis of their estimated costs, risks, operating characteristics, development time, and environmental considerations. At the conclusion of Phase 1, Project Members will approve certain technologies to investigate further during Phase 2. During Phase 2, specific resource options that appear to be viable will be identified. Specific projects could include known projects currently in the development stage or new potential projects. At the conclusion of Phase 2, the Project Members will come to consensus on which specific projects to move forward to Phase 3. During Phase 3, a detailed feasibility analysis will be performed on the specific generation options chosen. At the conclusion of Phase 3, those Project Members that wish to proceed with the development and construction of a specific project will participate in a new resource development and construction project that will be brought to the SSEA Board for approval.

The project term is through December 31, 2012 with provisions to continue from year to year thereafter