Silver State Energy Association


Project Service Agreement No. 1:

Project service Agreement No. 1

Joint Generation Resource Planning and Evaluation

The Project involves the joint exploration, research, investigation, review, evaluation, and feasibility of implementing, operating, and maintaining electric generation projects and such other projects, whether physical or financial, that may be designed to meet the future power needs of the Project Members...

Project Services Agreement No. 2A:

Project Services Agreement No. 2A

Eastern Nevada Transmission Project

The Project Members intend to jointly explore, research, investigate, review, and evaluate the feasibility of constructing high voltage electrical transmission lines and related facilities to allow the interconnection of the member electrical systems with Mead Substation in southern Nevada...

Project Services Agreement No. 3:

Project service Agreement No. 3

Power Supply Management Services Agreement

The Project Participants may request the SSEA provide various power supply management services in connection with the operation, scheduling, hedging or optimization of a Project Member's resources or in furtherance of meeting the power supply needs of a Project Member...